Gold : 11 Jacuzzi

Gold : 11 Jacuzzi


1. Hydromassage pump Jacuzzi

2. Hydromassage jets 6

3. Air regulating switch

4. Section inlet

5. On/off controller

6. Soft Pillow

7. Variable underwater lamp (optional)
8. Push drain/overflow
9. Multifunction hand shower
10. Faucet
11. Shower Head
12. Cold/hot water regulation
13. Changeover switch

Availability: 1 in stock


Availability: 1 in stock

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Product Description

Go and shop for the free-standing yet sumptuous Hydromassage Jacuzzi bathtubs meticulously engineered with advanced and smart technology. It equips a number of accessories to provide you the utmost relaxation and the best leisure time. The special Hydromassage water jets are so efficient to help you improve your physical well-being.
Moreover, this “á la mode” style Hydromassage Jacuzzi accoutered with ergonomic armrests is so practical and beneficial for the stress-full working people thereby allowing them to rest their arms and neck on head support to reenergize their body and mind.
Just get these out-styled Hydromassage Jacuzzi perfect for deluxe bathrooms that offer you ultimate comforting features since solace is the measure of a great massaging bath experience.

• Air regulating switch
• On/off controller
• Soft Pillow
• Push drain/overflow
• Multifunction hand shower
• Cold/hot water regulation

Size: 32” x66”
Color: White
Type: Hydromassage pump Jacuzzi